Shiow-Ling Ko

I love a treehouse way up high
Where I can reach for the stars,
Sing with birds, hang with a sloth,
Being a fool climbing the blue sky.
I've no clue why I do
Love this fantasy of mine
A treehouse by the sea
Near a mountain
Close to the woods.
But I do.

I who am hungry eat.
I who am hungry read.
I am who am hungry lead.
I who am greedy exceed.
But do I know what I want?

Write? Right! But why should I write? I write to see my thoughts. Quite. Words I catch. Words I discard. I write to tell my story. She's sixty, wild and crazy, Painting her world with panache, Like raindrops she's here and there. She doesn't know where she'll be.

The poetry circle is in session.
"Starry Night" is the painting to write.
Writing, erasing, I write with passion.

Thinking and staring, I spring into action.
An onion given to me rustles;
I'm tickled to write.
The poetry circle is in session.

I devour the poems in my possession.
Single-image or fast and slow poems I write.
Writing, erasing, I write with passion.

I must continue in progression.
Poems in open or closed forms I learn to write.
The poetry circle is in session.

No experience, second language, I'm not in fashion.
Free verse, more struggle, 1'm in a plight.
Writing, erasing, I write with passion.

Nightly I write with determination.
I smile and shout when I do it right.
The poetry circle is in session.
Writing, erasing, I write with passion.

Flying five thousand miles back to Taipe, in the northern part of Taiwan I opened the door to dust, silence and emptiness lying for two years. No one, no human voice, no mother awaited me this time. I choked. I took a deep breath to let my emotion rock and recede. Then I swept, dusted, and wiped away all the dirt. Into chests, cabinets, closets, dressers, and boxes I dived To excavate old memories of six lives in eighty some years. Photos, clothes, furniture, dishes, fabrics, artwork, and books revealed the reality in an unreal happening.

I reorganized my mother's apartment into big and small boxes. Tears flew. Music played. I walked through the ruin aAnd the treasure of a home where the refrigerator was out of work after my mother had a stroke in spring of 2003. I threw away and gave away tons of stuff. I called the moving company to ship all 80 boxes to my brother's home at Tainan.

The realtor sold the house within a month. The power that whirled me through all this amazed me. It was a mission impossible in my head. I told myself, it'll be done when it's done. This also shall pass. I stepped beyond the door. And helped it happen when it had to be done.