Marlene Talbott-Green PhD.
I've been thinking about why there aren't any products on the market for sexual dysfunction In older women. Then I thought, Heyl Maybe older women don't have sexual dysfunction. Maybe they don't care. Maybe sexual dysfunction in older women, is caused by sexual dysfunction In older men.

I'm investigating these products for men. Right now, I'm Investigating Cialis. It's called "the latest, greatest cure for erectile dysfunction." and betterG compared to Viagra.

For one thing it's a bargain. 4 pills for $94.00. At about $24.00 a pop, it's cheaper than going to a first run movie!

It works better than Viagra, which only works 4-6 hours. One pill of Cealls at $24.00 can work up to 31 hours. Do the Math-That's less than a dollar an hour! So, you double or triple your investment in I pill! (besides how many movies last that long?)

Cealis is also called, "The Week-End Pill." When Viagra first came out they called It "The Don Juan pill." But that apparently meant that after one. he was don. But, Cealis Is good for 3 Hours Q[ an entire... Week End.

Cealis works faster than Viagra -if you want something that works faster--within 15 minutes of taking the pill, he can be good to go.

And-Cealls claims "quicker effect" (That's the opposite of the Don Juan effect)

Most interesting, unlike Viagra, Cealis can be taken with alcohol and food-which means.... you could get a drink and dinner thrown into the bargain.

Of course, there are side effects- Eg. If a man would have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, he would have to be rushed to the Hospital.

I could deal with that

I saw a painting today
Of a young girl
In a plain, white, transparent dress.
She was sitting by a stream
Watching the sunset,
A trite poetry on canvas,
I suppose,
But it made me stop.
"That's my mother, I said."
Then I knew.
I knew that when she left the dress she had on--
The tired worn body which had out-lived
The tired, worn mind--
She would stop
And pick up the face and body of that young girl
She once was,
Delicate, fine, innocent,
And she would be off to the setting sun,
Only to be arrested at the water.
And there she would sit down in the quiet
And the beauty,
Becoming a part of the quiet and the beauty,
She would test what she did not know,
When she had to time to learn the beautiful things

And no one would interrupt her.
In the morning, she would catch the sun
On its morning run.
But, for now, beside the pool,
A lesson was beginning.
That's why I stopped to look, Mama,
It was you.

(and angry about the process!)
The ice-storm passed, but I am still frozen solid and bloodless my heart sits expectantly for the thaw.
You passed quickly, too, too quickly, and I was warm for a little, but am no more. This winter of my disconnect is too raw.
Now, I should rather the King of Winter took me for his own, quickly, breathlessly, killing me with the incisive icy pain of his frigid touch,
than you, in the cruelest month, killing me softly and hotly with your funny little lingering kiss of death.