Jane Celehar
After my husband passed away
I never felt the need
To marry again
I had never met a man
That interested me enough

I said this until I met Teddie.
I never thought I'd
Be in love again
It was love at first sight
The look of him took
My breath away.
His kisses and snuggling
Made me feel wonderful and loved.
He is cute, adorable to look at
Smart, playful and lovable.
I'm having lots of laughs
Loving every minute with him
Even though he's changing
My whole. life-style I'm hooked
I'm in love
I am no longer alone
Since my little puppy
Entered my life

I want to learn from old women
How to do old age
By some standards
I am an old woman,
Even though I don't feel old,

I think of Mildred Tuttle
At 72 Mildred was so interested In everything.
She said she would never
Live long enough
To do all the things
She wanted to do.

Being with positive,
Creative women
Makes growing older
An exciting, fun time.
(Even though, I still think
Of myself as a 40 year old)
Perhaps I can show
Younger women
How do old age.

It has taken seven years
To remember all the good happy memories
Of John and our life together
I got bogged down with the
Negative side of our life
I was angry at John’s drinking
He accepted his cancer without a fight
Now I’m remembering how kind
And considerate John was
He’d bring me flowers
Encouraged me to do things
I might not have attempted.
When we moved to Columbus
He encouraged me to get charge and
Bank accounts in my name
John was so proud
When my book was published
He loved us and was proud
Of everyone’s achievements
In later years he gave citations
(Money) to our grown children
Saying they were from the “green frog.”
We think fondly of John and that frog

Planning our funerals ahead of time
Was a relief
We decided we wanted
To be cremated
We didn’t have any particular wish
For the disposal of our ashes
John passed away
At Hospice House
My daughter, Georgia
Made arrangements with
The funeral director.
She came home all excited
She had bonded with him.
He agreed that she could bring
Some of John’s favorite cookies
To be put with his ashes
Georgia took the ashes
Home with her
Six months later
The four of us met in
California where the girls live
My children didn’t want
To strew John’s ashes
Georgia kept them.
My son came home to Karen’s
One night
While we were there
More than a bit tipsy
I heard him call Georgia
At 2:00 am asking
“where’s Dad, “where Dad?”
She replied in her bottom drawer.

Georgia had to put her 17 year old
Dog to sleep a year ago.
She had Dixie’s ashes put
In a lovely wooden box
Does Georgia keep Dixie’s ashes
With John’s
No, because John didn’t like Dixie